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What part of the LCD panel assembly might be responsible for the LCD panel showing dim screens? rs gold The backlight lamp. This is not an easy part to get to, takes time and if a mistake is made you could damage the screen beyond repair. Options, Find a repair shop. Buy same model from say eBay with working screen. Buy a book with detailed info and pictures on repair.line (it is normally within $50 150 depending on model)

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Who manufactures LG LCD television? It would be simpler to replace a whole screen with backlight bulb. You can easily find your model number and order a new screen on because each manufacturer will design the electronics around the parts that they choose to use.They weren't top ofthe line products, but they certainly weren't at the bottomeither more like in the middle.

Goldstar is the manufacturer of all LG products; they changed thename brand because of the low quality associated with the Goldstarname. That's not true I had a Goldstar, microwave oven when they firstbecame available and it was a great product lasting an unbelievable12 years. I also had other Goldstar, products that were just asgreat like my stereo I bought in Radio Shack, when they carriedthat brand. They were just not very well known.

What is a widescreen flat panel lcd HDTV?Widescreen refers to the ratio of width to height. Widescreen has a greater width than a standard TV. Flat panel refers to the flat surface of the display. Older televisions were more rounded, in an attempt to keep the distance from the electron gun relatively even to minimize focus problems. LCD refers to the Liquid Crystal Display technology that is used to generate the picture. HDTV refers to the image quality.

But recognize that there is a difference between HDTV and "digital" tv. HDTV is a higher quality picture, Digital just means that the signal is sent digitally, allowing TV stations to send multiple TV signals across the same broadcast frequency.Where can you get a replacement LCD tv panel?

As a former television service technician, I'd really advise you that it'll be less expensive to replace the TV than to replace the LCD panel. Not that it's a difficult job for someone trained to do such work, but because the cost of the replacement panel will most likely be more than what you paid for the TV in the first place.\n.

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